New job!

Back to the rat race for me! No more sitting around freelancing at home watching old episodes of Trisha (so it’s not all bad!).

So… 7R or 9R?

gotta be a 9!!

and well done on the job front.

Congratulations on the new job mate.

As for the bike, at least you are being sensible and going the kwaka route. I say 7R myself. Everything you need in a road bike and distinctive looking as well.

7 or 9R I’ve got a mate that has a 10R and it looks as good as it goes The 04 is a very good price now and with a Youshi can they sound great

Congrats, what is the new job? and take the 9R, better still go for the 10

Oh, so you got the Chippendale job? Well done, I knew you were well equipped for the position…

Top bod on the job m8 lotsa luck

As for the bike you know you really want one of Mr Kawasaki’s finest ZX9R you know it’s the way forward

What is new job, is it a dream job like motorcycling porn star or bike test pilot ?

What’s a motorcycling porn star, exactly, Dan?

be different and get the new trumpet 675… i’m sure it wont disappoint… !

how many other people do u know that actually has one… u could be the first!

I believe Andrew is getting one!

Well done on the new job!

funny you say that…

my mate has had one all weekend and clocked up 700 miles on it…

he has the new litre triumph but he swears the new 675 is a completely sorted bike…

worryingly i keep looking at it and liking it more and more…

Blade to Triumph??!!!

Congratulations mate! I am still looking for a job

Buy a nine mate!

Thanks guys! Yeah not a motorcycling porn star or a Chippendale sadly (they’re next on my list of careers!) - It’s making Flash websites for people like Coca Cola… almost as exciting!

The 10 is tempting, but I think at 6’3" it might be a little small for me

At 6’3" I wouldn’t recomend a ZX7R either, best go for the 9.


How unliberated of you, its a porn star who performs on his bike. Not wishing to offend any one its a male thing you know like I am driving. It takes a rare talent indeed to pull some “cunning stunts”.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked

I believe Sonic has some experience in this field, judging by the pics in one of the galleries…

Nice one mate, hope you enjoy being a PAYE man again! In some ways I envy you.

Try all the bikes dude, that’s the best way. Next time we’re out, or if the weather improves you can have a go on mine remember.

Oh yes Paivi, Sonic and his exhibitionist streak! Always the entertainer