New Job

I’ve been offered a job. It’s a Tech Lead role with an media agency, I’ve been looking for a while and I think this role represents the next step for my career.

congrats…knew it would be a good day today.

Cool. Nice one hope it goes well for ya…

Excellent news.

No idea what it means, but go for it. Sounds like you’re ready for a change.

Nice one dude … well done!

Well done! Does it means another bike??

Nice one midlife! I just hope you find the motivation you need to get stuck into the new job, after speaking to you about your current one, I’m chuckling a little to myself!

I hope I find it too. It’s a bit of a **** or bust situation and I’m glad I’ve got the opportunity to find out if I want to stay in the industry. There’s no way I can carry on doing what I’ve been doing.

Cezar, if thing work out I think one of these will be on order

Yes! Yes! I’m in love with that too david. Well done! Have you found out the price for that yet?

no price as yet, but a mate of a mate is starting a duc dealer, so he might have his first order.

Very nice! I mad to see it for real!

That makes 3 of us

Is his dealership in London? Best of luck to him , I’ve look at that business plan and it’s a tough one.

It’s not in London, which is a concern. Whats going on with Duc dealers in London as I don’t fancy buying a bike I can’t get serviced.

Conrats on the job mate. Hope all works out for you. As for the bike, not my cup of tea but if thats what you want, go for it.