New Job

Landed meself a new job

Was told I was being made redundant 6 weeks ago and I have 4 weeks left here. I was worried I would find it hard to get a job I wanted within the time I had but I’ve only gone and ****indone it

More money, more holiday and a car (bike) allowance

So join me in a drink to celebrate boys, I am as happy as a pig in poo

Congratulations fella! It’s always warming when you can turn around a bad situation like that. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been a victim of budget-reviews before, and have come out trumphs like you. Where’s the new job?

Join you where? … Ace tonight?!

Nice one mate, sounds like a good result all round! Definitely take advantage of the vehicle allowance!

Jay, the jobs in Harrow so nice and close to home

SP, I meant figuratively but I’m gonna be at the Ace tonight if you want a real one

Well done mate! Does it means another bike for the collection?

Baldy nut, yellow and black leather jacket with Ace Cafe patch, sliver MX lid and at the moment a big fat grin

I’m very tempted

Been considering a project to build a SV650 60’s cafe racer replica. Kinda Aprillia Blue Marlin in the flesh, or as near as I can get it

Or Buell But not sure if its too like the retard


What kind of work do you do ?

Business Analyst, boring I know but its paying the bills and keeping me in bikes, birds and beer

Oh, I know BA’s all too well in my job

Congrats Graham. See you tonight.

Sounds Cool

Does anyone know of any jobs going in web design or graphic design

Cool … I’ll be there … not expecting you to buy me a drink or anything, but it’ll be nice to put some names to faces, so I’ll keep an eye out for ya!

I’m a baldy nut too! black leathers, black MX boots, gun-metal Roof lid & scruffy old Kwaka GPX750R.

Hey… CONGRATULATIONS!!! I truely believe that things happen for a reason and there IS always something better around the corner… Nice one…

Cheers guys

To be honest a little while ago it was all getting a bit poo. I split with my bird after 7 yrs, moved back home and then was made redundant.

Now new bird, new job and they can all kiss my ass. Rock on

…and Buell would make it even better!! They’re awesome!

Hey that’s good to hear Sounds like an improvement on the last one!

Nice one dude!

Top work. Didn’t read this before meeting you tonight.

Soz, wasn’t being ignorant.

BA eh? so that’s what, 2-300 per day? LOL I know some who are tho… but don’t speak to them very often as you’d imagine.