New job for Roadrunner hope for London !!!!!!!!!!!!

in september 1829 Sir Robert Peel formed the Metropolitan Police force and over the years many things have happened, the Met has dealt with the 1st and 2nd world wars, seiges, riots , civil disorder, every type of crime you can think of, multiple murders, IRA attacks, flood, fire, the death of serving officers, served different monarchs, had numerous commisoners,boundry changes ,changed its name to the Metropolitan Police Service. it has done its best to serve the people of London. The Met has been criticised for being racist, not serving its community, shooting innocent people and generally being bad eggs. and through out all this one phrase has followed its officers as they carry out their dutyone phrase that has resounded round every station, every car , van and carrier on every beat and static point through bad times and good and now as the 17th November approaches and the MET enters a dark times, Roadrunner joins the ranks, I can say withour fear of contradiction that never in its long history has that phrase be more apt than today, yes THE JOBS F***ED, well and truly F***ed.

GOOD LUCK with the new career RR !

Good luck… at least we know your face :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats RR :slight_smile:

Congrats!! :smiley:

yeah good luck bud, will make sure she gets in extra tea bags and doughnuts.

Thanks guys! :wink:

I’m certainly looking forward to starting my new career, and would like to thank Bluestar and other members of the Met Police within Londonbikers for all the help and advice over the last year. :wink:

See you all in the near future…:smiley:

RR (TJF) :stuck_out_tongue:

and i told you dont do it T.J.F. :slight_smile:

good luck RR…sure you will be fine!

erm…see ya around:w00t::smiley:

Well done, fella! :cool:

Good luck with the career mate :smiley:

Congrats for getting into the Met, RR, and all the best with your new career. Presumably you will be at Hendon tomorrow.

i was gona put a message up here wishing ya luck, but where i come from the pealers generally dont let everyone know theyre pealers for security reasons.

i guess its different here.

though, with coppers on the street such as bluestar and roadrunner, god help us all!haha

good luck anyway matey, dont let the bullies take your dinner money :w00t::w00t:

So hopefully that’s another one that will let us off with a lecture and no ticket if we should get pulled for having…ahem…a lapse in concentration?!? :wink:

Good luck Nath, I’m sure you’ll be a credit to the Met, just do you’re best to break the stereo type… :slight_smile:

Come and see me!! im always stuck in that ****hole of a place!! :w00t:

go get em tiger!!!

this ones for you mate;).


Good Luck London, your going to need it! :D;)

May good fortune smile on you mate, hope you have a big impact in your new career.

Good luck Nath
Have a good first day.

Goodluck, Roadrunner…hope you’re good at filling in forms:D

Good luck . . . you know what Arnie looks like so there’s your first pull . . . :smiley:

Good luck fellah – Go get those villains with ACME explosives and boulder-throwing catapults – beep beep! :slight_smile: