New Irish bird with an 883 xl Harley Davidson

Hello all!

effing great to find this community, all the people I ride with live in Brighton so would be good to know a network of bikers here in London:-D

My bike is called Hendrix. He’s sex on wheels. Not much else to say really. Hope all is well with the bikers of London:-D



Cool, welcome

Welcome Rachel, & Hendrix :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB. Looks like we have us a famous face (unless I’m wrong of course).

Welcome to the LB family… Spit and polish… must have a lot of time on your hands to keep him clean !! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Rachel! Nice bike, I always thought they were an odd choice of bike for a guy, but perfect for a gal!

welcome to LB :wink:

cheers dears, nice to meet you all! HA spit and polish is right, he could do with a wash right now to be honest! You lads don’t know anywhere in London which rents out garages for bikes at a decent price do u?

Hahaaaaa look who it is! Welcome to the forum terry, I aim to make your stay as painful as possible :wink:

Hi, Hollyoaks ?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB.

Have I missed something…who is Terry, I thought it was Rachel.

Anyhow welcome Rachel/Terry, how often do you clean Jimmy and do you wear chaps :slight_smile:

im trying to work out why harleys are a wierd choice for a guy but not a gal. hmmm ah well! happy weekend peeps :wink:


now that bike is missing a sissy and laid back numberplate mount, ooo, i got both of them for sale, lol. intersed?

Hi and welcome. Nice Harley, bit who’s is that old Goldwing parked next to it??


It’s mainly about the small ones (although to some extent, all of them. You have a bike where the seat height is just below my knees, massive engine that barely produces enough horsepower to move the darn thing and vibration that only a girl could enjoy. The technology isn’t exactly cutting edge, or even this millennium - and then HD rip you off with their pricing (in the UK especially). So for guy they just seem daft (sort of like driving a pink micra), but for a girl they say “I’m a bad ass chick and I’ll go all crazy on your ass if you upset me” - and I find that sorta attractive.

Does that clear it up for you?

total crap, i got a sportster cos i still wanted some kind of nimbleish, sportsters are not much diffenrence for seat hieght etc to all the others, you may even find some of the bigger 1s are lower seat height, also the engine will pull the bike all day, harleys have a load of torque which you need to move, horsepower is more about speed.

welcome to the boards - plenty garages for rent if you look on line :slight_smile: