New Ink - Anyone Seen An Alien?

Hi All,

Need to have a tattoo covered so was looking for a dark design and I decided that I want the alien from Ridley Scott’s Alien films on me arm.

I’ve been googling for ages and looking on Alien fansites, but haven’t come up with much - wondered if the great and the good (and the rest of you :D) on here might have seen any good pics?



Nah mate, nothing on Google -


Nice one - didn’t think about putting giger’s name in as well :w00t:much better results than “alien movie”!

I think it’s spelt HR Geiger

:w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

:D:D you nutter pan :D:D

Mate, if spelling mistakes are your thing, LB is great source material.
But then, it’s all about communication, right :wink:

Besides -

What he said :smiley:

Message sent + message recieved + message understood = job done :smiley:

He he … spelling mistakes are me!!

Thats Geiger as in Geiger counter. :smiley:

Big Alien + Giger fan here.

You want this book:

Also might want to flip through Necronomicon I + II for good measure.

If you fancy a ride out once the weather clears, the German Museum of the Moving Image (Deutsches Filmmuseum) in Frankfurt a.M. is running a Giger exhibition at the moment, through May 17th:

Nerd Trivia: my 3 computers are named Nostromo, Sulaco, and Auriga.

Guess what the “authorization code” is :stuck_out_tongue:

PPS: if you fancy that type of Alien-in-my-pants Survival-Shock-horror action, go play some Dead Space. It’s out for PC and PS3:

Gory, boo-made-you-flinch delight! Tentacles grabbing you from all directions? Yes please!

Cheers mechanic - much appreciated - will take a look-see :smiley: