New Infinity shop?!?!?

What’s this I saw just the other day in Gunter Grove in Fulham: a new Infinity shop where the Ducati Central London used to be. No idea how long it’s been open, just saw it the other day and it definitely hasn’t been there long.

Yeah, saw that recently. Didn’t have time to stop and have a sniff though. Looks posh though Would be easier for me to get to if it’s a mainstream store.

Hah, walking distance for me, posh or no posh!

Don’t any of you read the news!!! I put a piece on this on the site three weeks ago… I don’t know why I bother… really!

Ooops, hey, I have an excuse honey, I’m working on the site all the time, I don’t get the opportunity to read all the stories!

Opened a few weeks ago…

I’m not allowed to go in, James at great portland street will think I’m cheating on him!!

Bloody past two of them at the weekend while riding to Ace’s via Chelsea… One od them had a stunning green lambo parked outside


Not as good as Hein Gerike if you ask me