New in Town

Hi all,

After reading you guys for a while I decided to join in. I have been living in London for about 6 months and I am trying to find some bikers to join for trips/cruising/beers … :slight_smile:
I am living in West London (Ealing close to the Ace cafe) and use my bike every day to commute !
My baby is a grey BMW F800ST with 10 000 miles and have some few extra like the ABS and centre stand for easy parking.

I am trying to find nice roads for afternoon/day trips from london, can anyone help me ? :wink:

Hello there and welcome, :smiley:
I’ve no doubt someone here will help on the nice road request, not my neck of the woods I’m afraid. :smiley:

hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you !

I have done a couple of trip around Guildford and the devil’s punchbowl, it was fun but now looking for some other nice road to enjoy the sunshine


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB.

welcome to this place

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome

welcome aboard…keep an eye on the rideouts section usually summat going on :slight_smile: