New In London - Need Some Tips

Hi There.

I just moved to London from hungary, so sorry for my bad English.
Are there any nice roads where it would be worth to go to?

I have a z750, from 2006, i like fast corners :smiley:

Maybe some tips where is the best place to see the Sea.



HI welcome to LB

there are some nice roads, take alook at the ride out section,

there are always nice rides you can go on.:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Really?! How cool is that! Welcome to the forum!

I’m actually planning to go to Hungary in a few weeks! But I don’t know how to get there, and was thinking of riding over. Is that a bad idea?

What’s the best (affordable) way to get to Hungary from London in your view?

The best place to see the sea - is usually on dry land here. There are some beautiful places studded around the coast of England for you Hungarians who have lived landlocked and fought wars with your neighbours due to not having any sea around you :slight_smile:

My favourites are in the south east of Kent: from the Isle of Grain, down to the Isle of Sheppey. The people there are very distinctive: you will recognise them as ‘locals’ because of their webbed necks and six fingers. They all drink a type of beer called ‘Shepherd Neame’ - which incidentally, is a good beer. Don’t worry - it won’t make you grow six fingers. Further on down south, avoid Margate and Folkstone. Dover is beautiful - particularly St Margaret’s Bay if you can work your way there from the harbour, although better accessed on foot than motorcycle. Broadstairs (going anticlockwise along the south east coast), stretching towarsd the weird and wonderful post-nuclear facilities all the way to Romney Marshes and on towards the west towards the old military canals are equally fascinating to discover. Once you hit Brighton on the south coast, it all kind of goes downhill. The local Brightonians say that the city and its coast is beautiful when you ‘know it’. However you probably won’t get to know it apart from the terrible Promenade des Anglaises - literally, hordes of fat corned beef sunburnt Brits who in real life are like Beryl Cook characters, and most certainly, photographic subjects of Martin Parr. Towards the south west side, Chesil Beach and the Jurassic coastline is really worth discovering. You can get there on motorcycle in a day and back, but it might be exhausting especially if you want to look for dinosaur bones. Once you get to Southampton and Portsmouth, it’s a bit of a dive. There are more interesting coastal views of the sea from the deep south west, but that’s enough for now.

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

This site is very lucky as it has plenty of members organising rideouts, last weekend alone I think there were three or four. Someone has just posted a very interesting looking ride to the coast (albeit Portsmouth) for next Sunday - here :cool:

Welcome riden with you through traffic the other week on my red sv650 think it was in streatham or towards borough market

Welcome to LB:)

Well technically you could pop down and have a look at the tidal influenced area of the Thames … or hang around for the storm surge … which is a tad overdue and the sea will come to you. :w00t::smiley:

Only kiddin’ … welcome m8. We just had a session in Hungary with the MT Owners Club!:cool: