New hugger for the Stealth

This was bought from Evolution Composites and painted by a mate ( Gary )in saturn black to match swing arm, hes going to fit gold vents to front mudgaurd when he gets back from holiday.


Copy of Stealth 1.8.06 005.jpg

Copy of Stealth 1.8.06 001.jpg

Copy of Stealth 1.8.06 010.jpg

Looking smart, Pete! Evolution Composites stuff is really well made, I like it.

Im not a fan of vented huggers but the bike looks really, really good Pete

I have to say mate your bike looks so gorgeous! I am green with envy right now!

Don’t you mean, Yellow, Terry?

Evo Composites are sending me a free chain gaurd as the hugger was in a poor state ( They did offer to make a new one ) but as its been painted turned out well, Evo are a very good company to buisness with i recomend them big time!!

Bike looks Pukka, I must resist I must resist