New Horn Needed

It seems like my bike’s horn has died.

Realised when some dopey fecker walked out between traffic right in front of me and when I pressed the button, all I got was a clicking sound (although I nearly scared a cyclist out of their skin when it briefly came back to life as I carrioed on trying it further down the road - sorry about that fella :D)

Anybody know where I can pick up a decent loud horn in London tomorrow? I might as well get a good 'un while I’m replacing it anyway.

There’s plenty of room behind the fairing so it doesn’t matter if the new one is a bit bigger than the stock.



I just went to halfords an picked up a decent louder horn for 15 quid if i remember , if its clicking it could just have loosened off like mine did on a previous bike quick tighten an it was as good as new worth a try first .

yep them horns from halfords are ok, can get low or high note too

Or both low and high for a discordant chorus.:rolleyes:

This is the one I recommend, and can confirm it sh!ts everyone up, pedestrians cagers the lot.

12V Magnum Low Note Twin Horn £15 out of stock there but have a search around.

This whats on my Fazer and soon to also be on my KTM, as its too quite at the moment :Whistling:

Glad you posted that link to nippynormans, as will need a can-bus wiring kit to put on my new bike.

Can you just swap that magnum one in or do you have to worry about thicker wire/relays etc etc??

Depends on your bike and the wiring, for a Blade just plug and play…or for a BMW need additional wiring (about £16)


Fitted an air horn set from Halfrauds to my 125. Damn that was wicked loud. Might hook it to the CB

Nice, should be the same on my cbr600 then.

HONK HONK Lady pedestrian stepping out without looking and chatting on your phone.