New Honda Car...

I was just checking out news at Honda and found this new car called the Honda Remix… Dunno about you lot, but I quite like it…

COR !!! u got that spot on Tash !!! sexy baby or WHAT??

Just a tad… I gave up my Honda civic to ride a bike and I loved that car… But this little beauty, I’m coming over all warm in places! :slight_smile:

Nice, but I prefer the BWM 6 series. That makes me drool

Now That I like I would even do the drive a car thing again for it but yes there had to be a but the colour it would have to go for a paint job

i’m sticking with me VW bus…i can get the bike in the back!!

This one sets my ‘places’ on fire

1968 Chevvy Camaro . . . where’s my lottery ticket



very nice Jonny…American with big noise…but it would have to be in Yellow

Agreed. This or a 1971 Capri 3.0 GL like the one they had on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Had some really nice cars in the past but since living in London its been bikes only and the only way I’d be back in four wheels would be in a classic of some description…

Oh yes !! jonny! now thats a car…any of those classics…beauties the lot! Anytime theres a meet im always there the time,effort, etc gone into restoring those is unreal…some have even lost their marriages cos of the love of their custom cars etc…pontiacs i just love too!

Capri was one of my first cars…i loved it the “bubble” on the bonnet…i had the 2L S and ol man had the 3L S…we had a Tickford after that too? at Ford and i can never understand why they stopped production of a brilliant car for its time…look at em all nowdays…just not the same, all the lines look the same really…shame but good we still have people with the love of the classics that buy,restore,ride and love em…bit like bikers who still own the “oldies”…can understand the love…

Now thats what you call a car

A capri like mine you mean Its not standard running a Rover V8 bored out to 4.8 - 350BHP



Dude, that’s an ‘evil’ looking mutha, when can I have a go??? . . . pic taken at Ally Pally?

When I was 19 owned a Mk2 2L GL. I loved that car. the rear end slid all over the place in the wet . . but it was a beautiful car.

I wrote it off at the junction of East End Road and Fortis Green

not sure about the rear end of that Honda but this is the one for me

pain in the arse to drive unless you are really on it but god it is beautiful.

3 of my mates own respectively:

  1. Porsche 911 Turbo

  2. Ferrari 360

  3. SL55 AMG Mercedes

Nice or not, I still get through the traffic quicker than them…suckas…all they have is a stereo and bigger fuel bills

Well spotted Ally Pally it is

Engine on a stand at the min as I have been fiddling with her - just trying to find time to fit it back in then you can have a go

Didnt realise that you were a Norf London boy who had moved out to posh Herts too - i’m Tottenham born and bred

Yeah Bro.

Born n Bred in Muswell Hill . . . An Arsenal lad!

and I’m an old ‘Creightonian’ if there’s any other ex Creighton pupils reading this??

Umm apologies to Foxy, didn’t wanna ‘jack’ the thread

i always wanted a 1.7 zakspeed capri mk3

Yes sorry Foxy for jacking the thread however JZ do you recognise this from your Muswell Hill days ??

It had this problem that the rear tyres always smoked