New HIDs on there way

Got some “brighter” bulbs coming (like i need em) 12000k Violet blues what ya reckon…




Did nobody tell you not to look at the sun as a kid?

Was just looking at some 6,000k ones. Do they make a big difference?

You will burn peoples eye balls out with them!

Had a 3500 in my R6, my current ones are 9500, and yes they make the world of difference

Leave your bike running on your drive and exspect to find a 747 parked there the next time you look

higher Kelvin does not equal brighter wattage of light dude, it’s just the colour of the light.

You’re going into the Purple/Blue territory here mate, not brighter, just a different colour, be prepared for a tug!

The most usable output of light is in the 5500-6500 Kelvin range, you are going to lose illumination for the sake of colour (purple in this case)

In my opinion, don’t do it mate :o not trying to piss on your chips or nuffin

info below taken from

Colour Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue of a specific type of light source. Many people believe the misconception that colour temperature is a rating of the brightness of the bulb or HID kit. This belief is completely false. The reality of the matter is that the higher the colour temperature, the less useable light output you will obtain. Higher K kits such as 7000k, 7500k, etc. have been manufactured for individuals that are more concerned about the actual colour output of their lights as opposed to the actual useable light output they produce.

i know, but aint they pretty

i have platinum whites with violet tint at the moment

flat do u just take out the old ones and put the the brighter ones in or do u have to do more than that

i can jus change the bulbs, but HID work on a ballast system they only draw 35w but use abut 20,000 volts for you to do it you will need a kit but the ballast take up room and need hiding, so its hit and miss with regards to fitment.

but after all that the bulbs are out of stock they offerd me blue ones but i like 6the pinky ones not sure if they are refunding me or im waiting for em to turn up

But you just have to have the pink ones…

Sounds lovely!

indeed!!! do anything nice at the weekend patrick?? wansnt playing cricket was you?? heard you was out with batters from the other side or summin

as if there not bright enough - riding home from bana’s when I went in front - f#*k me - i daren’t look in my mirrors! but they do look cool!! pity i can’t get em for my bike!!!

He he!

Mate if i’d known you were about I’d have asked you along too! I never knew you liked IKEA!

And at the Test Match this week - although I’m missing Saturday to go on your Hastings adventure!!!