New here ...

Hi all,

I am Didi, living in London. I relocated from Austria to London few months ago and am now looking to get a bike again.

I am 27 and ride motorbikes since I am 20. My “bikehistory” contains …

  • '94 Kawa Ninja 900
  • '01 Yamaha R1
  • '04 Suzi GSX-R 600

Unfortunately I had to sell my Suzi before relocation because it was to heavy for Ryanair’s luggage restrictions . But I think I have to buy one soon …

I am a fanatic Streetbike and SuMo rider, love to party and to meet people. So if there are some parties, meetings or any other events are coming up … bring it on.

Btw: Can anybody of you tell me where I can buy a cheap bike (to start I dont want to use a lot of money). I am looking for a Streetbike (or a Nakedbike) or a Supermoto. Price should not be more than 1,5k.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome aboard :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi there and welcome to LB

hello and welcome to lb


Climb aboard and enjoy the ride :smiley:

welcome! try ebay for a cheapy bike.:slight_smile:

Welcome to London and LB. You’ll enjoy both!


hi and welcome


if ya looking for cheapy bike (or infact anything!!) try

welcome to LB

great link alice cheers didn’t know it existed tons of stuff on it. :slight_smile: