New here

Hi all -

I met some of you at Cubana last Wednesday evening (although probably won’t remember any names…) - I am one of the new faces in the gallery pics (in pics with RizlaSV). Anyway nice meeting you, and I’ll probably be seeing you down there a lot more this summer.


Hiya and welcome to LB!

Am I correct in assuming you are Rizla’s other half?

anyway welcome…


That’s almost correct, I’m probably more like RizlaSV’s other 2/3rds (the pictures don’t lie).

Greetings and welcome to LB. See you at Cubana.

Hey there Etienne, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum!

Hi and look forward to seeing you on Wed night.


Hi Jay. Just realised that I don’t have any pics of my current ride, but its not difficult to imagine, its a blue & white blur

Will add pics asap.

welcome dude. I remember seeing you with Rizla!

Hi - did we have a chat, or was I only being admired from a distance?

fridayman… Welcome to LB… See you at Cubana…