New Helmet or New Visor

I’m thinking I need to replace my helmet, but thought I’d ask for opinions.

Is it a ‘don’t take the chance, get it replaced’ or is it ‘well it didn’t have much of a direct impact, just replace the visor and crack on’?

Send it off to get X-rayed. That will tell you everything you need to know.

How much does that cost? (And who does it I guess) Or do I head down the local hospital? :slight_smile:

You been wiping the rain off with handfuls of gravel ? :smiley:

Call Shoei. Tell them you had an accident and you need your helmet checked. They will tell you where to post it to and give you a certificate saying if the helmet passed (or not).

Yup, I did the same thing with my Arai. My local dealer sent it off for me.

**** Andy, you alright!?!?

I don’t know how anyone can wear an open face helmet after seeing this sort of thing…

The X-ray thing is interesting, didnt know about that!

I would jus replace the visor for now for time being, and start look for some nice lids on the market…

I know the Arai importers Phoenix used to offer a damage assessment service, however, they terminated the Arai contract a couple of months ago, dunno if the new importers do it.

The only other importers I know for sure who offer that sort of service are Schuberth. Feridax are the Shoei importers & you could contact them, but I tried getting it done on a Shoei I dropped about 10 years ago & was told they didn’t do it.

Personally I’d scrap that one.

I tweeted Shoei, they say take it to one of their assured dealers (for me the closest is First Line, near Southgate) and they will either check it themselves, or send it to Shoei.

@Conrad B, yeah, just a bit of a swollen and bruised foot.

Was back on the track today at Silverstone :slight_smile:

Nice! Did you get a track bike or is that a rental? Great match with the leathers ya posey git :smiley:

Ha ha, it’s Ron Haslam Race School, so the bike, leathers, lid, boots and gloves are all theirs. :slight_smile:

LOL @ Andy

Was no need to go to race school because of one little off :smiley:

I’m only jealous, would love a go at that but feel I’m too ancient :frowning:

That bike looks like a toy with you on it glad its just a bit of bruising

i would replace the lid as well.

i’m trained on shoei’s, even have the certificate:D

seriously i could have a look at the liner for you, looks like the lid is showing under fibres tho, if its too deep into the fibre it can comprimise the shell, most lids i’ve sent of are Arai’s and 9/10 times if its showing fibres its no good.

Thanks, but FirstLine is only a couple miles away, so as long as I get home early enough tomorrow I’ll drop it over to them.

They’ve advised I should replace the helmet, due to the white flecks visible inside the lining. Honestly, I think they’ve been there since I got it new? They say there are also some small dents.

I had been considering getting a new helmet anyway, so I guess now’s a good excuse to anyway. As I just posted in another thread, I’m going to go for the XR1100 I think, HelmetCity have some on offer.

This is the one I like the best -

But this one on offer at about £150 less on offer at HelmetCity is probably what I’ll go for -

For a while I was thinking about getting a white/blue helmet instead of white/red, as the bike has some blue trim as will the track bike I’m buying (Mainly white) but then white/red will match better with my leathers and textile jacket…

I would have said the same fella to be fair, if dents and flecks are visable, most EPS liners are now black as it aid’s spotting anything that shouldnt be there on the EPS.

i checked my brothers AGV after his recent off and its got flecks cracks and dents…BIN…well SHELF to be exact lol