New guy

Hey all,

I’m Will. I’m 21 and ride a YZF600R. Currently living in Hertfordshire but occasionally get over to the Ace Cafe for a drink and to check out the wide selection of bikes that turn up. Anyone living near me at all? Be cool to meet some new people living locally.

Anyway, catch you all on the forum :wink:

******* HELL MATE!!! LONG TIME NO SEE WERE THE HELL U BEEN MISSED YA AND OW MAD ACE CAFE MEETS WILL HAVE TO HOOK UP AGAIN SOON!!! HOWS THE THUNDER CAT GOING??? OH AND WELCOME:P still got memorys off all them stunt days and that like 70 year old poping it up all way up road wot a ******* laurth!!!:wink: think we need 2 get the 125 lot reunited!!! missed the good old days i was young then but still a nutter:D ps i crashed the fzr few years back had a bad off but looking for a new mad ride now:D YOU NO ME 1S A NUTTER ALWAYS A NUTTER:hehe:

Welcome from Potters Bar :wink:

See you down the Ace :cool:

whwere abouts in herts mate, im in barnet :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to lb

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Cheers for the welcomes guys :wink:

I’m from St. Albans so not a million miles away from some of you. Once the weather improves I’ll definitely be out more. Got a new chain and sprocket set to fit before I do though :stuck_out_tongue:

im like 10 mins from the potters bar junction on m25 fella and always about the place getting myself lost so sure il bump into you at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha cool, I’ll look out for you. What do you ride/drive?

Welcome aboard!

Hi there and welcome.:smiley:

ride a bandit fighter mate, looks a like this but new paint job half done at the mo

HELLO AND WELCOME…:slight_smile:

Hi Willenium and welcome to LB.

Mr Mo: I’m liking the look of your latest creation!

Hey dude, I believe you know my brother Andy. I’m told someone did the off with your 1000, sorry to hear it man. I had a bike stolen a few years ago, really sucks.

Ooh not seen that around before. I shall keep an eye out for you. I know someone living in Potters Bar who used to have a W reg SV650S before it got written off. He now drives a Honda Civic but I’ve not seen him in quite a long time.

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I live near hertford. look forward to meeting any local members.

We’ll have to go for a ride sometime :slight_smile: Whereabouts exactly are you?