New guy near Bromley

Hello all

I signed up here a month or so ago when I was training for my DAS but haven’t really posted anything so I figured an intro would be good.

I used to ride a Vespa many years ago on a CBT but ditched it when a lovely woman pulled an illegal u turn into me at Morden and wrote it off.

Some 15 years or so later I decided to get a proper licence and a proper bike. I passed about a month ago and picked up a Bonneville T100. Just started commuting from Chislehurst into the City and occasionally Canary Wharf. Planning to attend a borough market meet-up when I get a chance. Meanwhile, here’s the bike…


Hey Benjo,

Welcome to LB I think I’ve seen you on my communte (although could be another T100).

You are actually quiet local to me, hopefully see you down Borough some time soon.

Liking the Matt black finish on the exhaust

That’s a beautiful looking bike.

Welcome, a proper bike indeed… here’s one I used and abused earlier

I just googled it, never knew they were parallel twins. What are they like to ride. Would love a review

Welcome aboard benjo. :slight_smile:

Hi Benjo and welcome.

A review you say, how about two?

The older model

and the newer model

Very funny review if your a short rider or tall Asian :joy: