New guy in North London


Just wanted to say hi.

I joined yesterday.

Looking to buy a bike on monday!

  • Lasse (i’m danish :P)

Hi, Welcome

a bloke called Lasse? that’s interesting!

Welcome to LB

Hi & welcome!
Which bike are you gonna get?

Hi and welcome!


Hi and welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome to the madhouse

You don’t work for the LAS do you?

Hi by the way :slight_smile:

Hi again!

Sorry for the very late reply. I got a CBR600.
I was at the borough marked meet yesterday.

very nice bike, good to meet you yesterday )

Welcome back Lasse

Not the American High School gym mistress called Lasse then!

Welcome Lasse, good to meet you yesterday. Will be at the Ace on Friday night if you are interested.

Hi and welcome :smiley:

Nice CBR, I wanted to get the repsol colours for my 125 but decided to be badass and get all black :Wow:

Post up pics of your new bike when you get it, is that in additional to the CBR or to replace it?

Hello lasse

Will have to get myself to borough market

Welcome good bunch on this forum

Welcome, and nice to meet you yesterday!!


Nice bike!! see you around BM or the Ace.


Haha never heard of that film before. Looks like oldschool fun!

Yeah the name doesn’t fit in the english language that well :wink:

All black does look good, it has a bit of “mystery” to it.

I have put up some pics in the members bikes section.

I only plan to have the repsol, two bikes would be very nice but don’t think my bank would approve :pinch:

I’m properly going out for dinner with some mates, so will be busy friday (sadly). None of then have bikes, so can’t even ask them to tag along. But i want to see ace café soon. Have read a bit about it.

The Ace Cafe is best visited at 9am on a Sunday Funday morning for a steamy cuppa tea and plate of fishy kippers before heading off on a sortie through Arts Backyard and beyond.

Note since our EU Membership Application has now been accepted there is no longer the need for Citizens of EU Member States visiting Arts Backyard or, the lesser State of Blades Backyard, to apply for visitor or tourist visas, be sure to have with you sufficient funds in pounds sterling GBP as hardly any of the businesses accept Toy Town Money or Euro Notes :wink: