New guy from the South

Hi , I’ve just joined this forum as it seem a lot more active than others. I live down on the coast but work in london during the week. I’ve always seen bikes going towards France from London on weekends and am keen on joining.
I’ve been to the Spanish Pyrenees , and traveled to the Black Forest with a hammock that you can just strap to trees.
Great way to sleep.
Hopefully there are some of you that like a blast to France etc on a weekend.
Well good to join you guys and happy riding.

Z1000 GoNaked.

Hi and welcome

Hi & welcome to the madhouse :smiley:

Hi and welcome.



Hi James and welcome. get yourself down to the weekly meet at Borough Market to say hi.

and nothing stopping you from starting your own ride out France if you’re up for it!

Thanks for the welcomes!