new guy and i'm naked

hi my name is adam and im a fighteraholic! i was checking out some of the builds and thought id sign up.

i have a couple hondas. 929ers! once i figure it out, i’ll post a couple pics. . gotta resize em.

Hey, welcome aboard fella!

welcome, cnt wait to see pics :smiley:

this is my old bike an 05 busa . …

just traded it for this. .

Welcome aboard. And I do like the bikes. Never seen a stripped Busa before, must have been fun to ride around on :slight_smile:

Hello pal, bikes look awesome. Its all about the 300 rear!

300 rear tire??? **** that ****.

the 929 has a 210 on it right now. . as it has a 7" car rim on it. but even that may be a bit big for my liking. we shall see.

american fighters are dif than all other american bikes as we dont chrome, lower and put fat tires on them! function over bullshit! :smiley:

like the 929 mate looks awsome. any more plans for it?

@eezy, yea the busa was fun for sure. burnouts galore. but as a fighter the extra HP and such dont really benefit the bike as i’m not going top speed on it so i traded it back for a bike i love. this will be my 3rd 929.

@mo, yeah just needs some cleaning, some paint, and a new headlight. . . trying to find something original is making my hair fall out.

takin the orange 929 apart for paint now. . . and getting my old 929 finished up properly both ready for spring!!




Thats sweet

got my new mask chosen!

and painted

temp brackets for figuring out everything.

and it running…

heres my second bike…just got it back! 929 #1