New GSXR 1000 K7

See a man with his head on, once its had a few minor changes it will look like another work of art

Jay Racefit may even create twin pipes for her imagine the sound

its like a coppery red/orange, still a black bike overall. bet you its a US or european release only. we never seem to get the good colours

replaced with something like that each side, problem solved

Its not about how it looks, but how it rides. If you like the K6 single can, then your better off buying that. I cant see much difference.

cyphertheory That opens up a new world

Think the Japanese designer was watching "Star Trek " and the vision of “USS Enterprise” was stuck in his lil’ sushi brain when he put the pipes on the gixxer



good thing it don’t/won’t look like that in the uk - lots of different photo’s of the new K7 floating about at the moment - none of them genuine unfortunately - the NEC is the official launch - there was a picture last month going round showing twin pipes - but the same shape/size as the 600/750 on either side - its all crap, there was also a photo that showed very similer front end as the busa - its bits of previous models photoshopped together (those pipes look like the MT01 pipes)

I think this may be genuine…

The offical launch was in Paris the other night…

Looks OK IMO. Really like that orangey black scheme. Cans are FUGLY but who has stock cans anyway…Fit twin racefit slash’s or growler’s and your good to go

ok ok, we recieved the pictures today and i stand corrected that is the right shape with can’s!!! but not that many colour schemes!

also the 750 is only in two colours - black and blue/white!

This is Da 2005 Suzuki Moto GP bike… Dual pipes

Looks cool from where im sitting!

Sorry ta burst ya bubble still think it’s been smacked with the UGLY stick a few times plus it’s got the wrong badge on it

it’s not right to buy a new bike then have to change the tail pipe straight away! I think i would end up getting the pipes scratched first time i used it in traffic

It looks ok bar those fugly twin pipes Someone will come up with a system that converts it back to a single can. Then Jay and everybody else will buy one

new pics from germany:

all pics from german gsx-r forum.

original pipes:

Dont like them, probably split in two so theres better noise reduction to meet latest regs.

Would look better if they were high level

Nice pictures, thanks fella! I can’t say I like it, guess it’s more practical than an underseat exhaust, but still, fnar. All down to the Euro emissions requirements, bah! Can you imagine how strict they must be if Suzuki have to do this?! I wonder what other manufacturers will do next year and onwards.

It’s true, it has a three-way selectable ECU mapping. There’s full power (let’s say for the track), restricted a bit but has more torque available (so let’s say progressive road riding) and heavily restricted , perhaps for wet riding. The figures are meant to be 187bhp|150bhp|120bhp, at the crank, or similar figures.

the orange one looks mint, much better than that yellow r6 that was posted a couple weeks ago,

The orange one looks sweeeeett!!..think it would be a good seller with the yoshi pipes. Btw , i’m seriously looking at this one, its got only 12000 kms on it , its a 94…3500 bucks CDN out the door in Japan, another 1000+ to ship it…whadaya think Jay ?



I think it’s easy to let nostalga lead you astray