New GSXR 1000 K7

Well what do we think ??





Is this from the German consumer show? Can’t tell much from those pics, hope more come available soon. Looks interesting, reserving judgement until I see more. I remember looking at the K5 and thinking it was ugly when I first saw it…

well, I aint sure about two pipes??!!

Agreed…they shouldnt of done that but maybe when i see it in person will change my mind…

Its hard to tell at this stage, but my inital impression isn’t that good. This is supposed to be a sleak racing machine, and those two cans remind me too much of my ZZR1100. Hopefully it all “clicks” when I see it in the flesh.

It looks just like the K5 apart from colours and the 2 pipes which I am sure you could get a one pipe conversion for. Just think of how cool 2 racefit pipes would look! Mental is how! Just like any bike with a pipe either side when aftermarket ones are fitted.

I think the same as you Jay i hated K5 at the NEC, but see Crescents Rizla K5 at Ally Pally and had to have one.

Oh Pete, I didn’t, and still don’t like that Crescent bike, it looked too gaudy for me personally! Hopefully we’ll have the story and pictures soon guys…

Just imagine it with a tail tidy and twin Akra’s…wheres the credit card !!!

ok, keep going

you can have a look here:

and you can read here (italian):

heard this is a fake…and i hope so, coz obviously suzuki forgot how to construct good looking pipes!!!

problem here in germany is to change the pipes of new bikes, coz they have regulated catalysers and here the bikes have to fullfill an exhaust test every second year. what a crap.

new pics again:

have a look here:

I don’t like it. Wolfa, good to see you again mate, I thought we’d lost you! We’re still waiting for the high-res pics, Suzuki are very slow at the moment…

Sorry folks bit like the 06 ZX10 it was hit very hard with the ugly stick

Does that mean that you may possibly have a bike other than a GSXR next time Jay?

dont worry jay…im very busy at the mom and have not much time…

I like it and if they offer a good trade-in than I’ll be playing on one next summer

I dont see the huge problem with it I mean style wise it looks just like the K5 its the exhausts that make the huge diff but come on like it wouldnt look wicked with a set of twin race pipes!

ok i am totally in love with that colour scheme, now if i just cover that exhaust over on the screen with my finger…


Now I have looked at that properly that colour is nice!