new Gopro 4 released

I love my gopro 3 black and was toying with the idea of upgrading to a 3+ Black but then I saw this on the website … arget=true

Is it worth waiting for?? I like the addition of the lcd screen, but does that make it worth nearly £400??

I’m more interested in the new plain gopro for £100

Yeah, a week after I buy the hero 3 they release this.

fuuuuuuu gopro

Definitely wait for the 4, it’s out in less than two weeks.

The £100 GoPro does look a good option, I might get one as a second (third?) cam.

pre order at Jessops

What is the comparisson on the £99 one to say a GP3?

The 4 Silver looks the better deal as it has the Touch screen where the Black doesn’t. The black has better 4K filming but to be honest i never use 4K shooting as it kills the battery in about 15 Mins!!

[email protected] sounds nice

[email protected]… :<

Why didn’t I wait :’(

but would you use it?

I got a 3D TV as i thought it was a good idea, never watched anything in 3D after the 1st month!!

My GP3 Black stays on one setting and i never use the ProTune or other great settings it offers. It sounds and looks good on paper but in real life would you benefit from the 4 over a 3+??? 4 to a 3 then yes i would say it was worth considering but the 3+ is still an awesome bit of kit.

I can’t quite justify a Hero3/4 (not sure how often I’d use it) so the £99 is perfect. Unfortunately that’s lead me to find a £50 different brand that’s comparable to the Hero (the SJ4000). So now I can’t decide! Anyone used the SJ4000?

Been looking into the £99 jobbie as a little back up camera to get different footage of ride outs and edit it into the video and it turns out it is very Basic, it doesn’t have anywhere near the spec as the SJ4000 so i would go with one of those if i were you.

I used to be quite heavily involved in video production. I tend to use the slow motion for my near miss compilations ;p

hopefully you don’t get to use it too much then :slight_smile:

After way too much deliberation, have ordered the SJ4000 :slight_smile:

I use an SJ4000 and am very pleased with it. Not quite a GoPro but just as good for most real world applications. And a fraction of the price!



Picked up my Hero 4 today.

Some sample footage in 4K Superview mode.