New gloves development by IMORTAL. (please give feedback guys!)

Hi there
We are developing a whole range of new gloves that will be on our website by end of April.
This is one that is completed and ready for the market. Please give me your thoughts on it. Do you like it? Will it do well? and why?
Many thanks.

just filled in ur market research post mate…if you need a tester…give me a holler…i will be glad to test them out for you…



ohh yea…nice lookin gloves there…will you do them in blue and white?


Just had a look at your site, coming on nicely. The gloves above look good in the pic, however a few more pics (different angles) and some info, ie materials used, prices etc. Hope this helps mate.

Hi. Thanks guys for your help and input. Everything you mentioned is noted.