New Gixxer test-ride ...

This is shamelessly stolen from another forum, but fvck it, I just had to share this one with you … :w00t:

Should we cry? … or p1ss ourselves laughing? :smiley:

I can just imagine the salesman saying, “Take it easy on those new tyres” … “Ooops!!”

I can`t stop laughing.:smiley:

:pinch: I bet he wont do that twice :w00t:

Oh, that’s tragic :frowning:

It’s also proof that Gixxer riders are nobs :wink:

dont mix your words there eugene…tell it like it is…

And another one…Why are they clapping? :laugh: :smiley:

I like nobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Clapping cos they cant play rugby or ride a bike! (according to the comments - no sound here)

Must have been something on the tires or the ground in both cases surely.

I’ll ignore your ‘nob’ comment :hehe:

Neither rider seemed to be pushing hard at the time, surely a new tyre canlt be that slippery ?

Must be a power ranger summer only rider.:smiley:

Speak for yourself afro :stuck_out_tongue:

what a ****! hehe:P

Afro, don’t make me thrown down my gloves :slight_smile:

He’s busy putting his Yamaha back together again :stuck_out_tongue:

tbh I think the bloke was a bit unlucky. It wasn’t as if he was taking the absolute **** and giving it a big handful.