New girl starts today...

Hi all, a new girlee in your midsts here.I have been online a couple of times but not alot. I am so bored in the office today though and the boss is off so i thought it time for an official introduction. I live in Hackbridge anyone local?I’m looking to get a few riding pals.I have a Bandit btw!

Welcome…And by your name, you have taste

Meet the nutters at Borough Market every Wednesday.

Hello, welcome to LB! Come along to our weekly Borough Market meet and say hello!

I would love to come along but Wednesday is difficult for me do you have any other meets?or forthcoming events?

this saturday. ride out to brighton

sounds intriguing excpet I have to work just my luck

Its in the evening. meet at Ace 5:30

I would like to think I have taste. I can dream of an R1

I might just be able to make that.Is this a regular thing?

good girl bandit rider a?

well simon ( flatout) normaly organises saturday night ride outs to sea side resorts, so it is kinda a regular thing now summer is rolling in!!

have a little nose around the ride outs and meets section!!

Welcome to LB

Is that Baphomet in your avatar?

and yes flatout has a yello r1,

Seemingly so. By any chance might you be a bandit man? lol

No, we have slightly random ride-outs to places. Brighton, France, etc.

You should come along, grown adults on fair rides is always a laugh.

Ok I will check out that bit of the forum…

yes that is baphomet…why?

Yellow R1…are you just making me jealous on purpose!

I LOVE fair rides… and candy floss

Good girl!!!

Everyone loves a good fair ride. Go to the gallery and look at the Hastings ride out. That is how childish everyone here is. Its great.

yep 1200 bandit. yours?

well its a limited edition yellow r1 that looks very nice!! helmet to match colour!!!


seaside ride outs are a common thing on here jobie!!!

Funny, you’ve never been on them.

Oh yeah, you can’t get that far