New Gears

I’m having some trouble finding replacement parts for my gearbox, any bright ideas from the collective knowledge?

It’s not on the verge of breaking, but it’s a little on the loose side…

wemoto seem to have everything but stuff for the gears for sale.

Try Bentley’s Breakers - I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. They’re listed in the Directory

oh, and is a slight leak from a fork an MOT fail?

I dont think that the leakage is a fail in particular, but the performance of the fork as a result of prolonged leakage may be the cause of the fail?

Sorry, but leaking forks are a definite MOT fail - you need to get that looked at asap

If they spot it, your bike will be failed. If the leak isn’t too bad and you’re prepared to live with it for a little while, then stop a short distance before the MOT station and wipe the fork stanchion and leg with a tissue or rag. If you’ve got dust covers at where the stanchion enters the leg, then make sure that you pull up the cover and wipe in there too. I’ve done this with older bikes and it works a treat every time!

am getting it done tomorrow, but I fear the problem requires new legs.

A leaking fork seal is a def fail and they shoukld spot it unless you do the wipe down bit. If your forg legs are pitted, you can get them rechromed as opposed to sourcing new/second hand parts. If you strip the forks down and get them to a chromers, they should be able to redo them. A new set of fork seals, the correct oil etc and the front should be pretty good.

do you have any links/prices for chromers?

THe internet seems convinced that I can only do housename plates.

Suggest you look through yellow pages. They are not that common but they are about. Maybe worth finding a shop that deals with classic bikes, they are bound to know of someone.

thanks for the advice!

Sorry for the wrong advice, I was only going by my car seals which went (god dam inferior french parts) and weren’t an immediate fail!

Noted for future though guys!

Go to newsagent and have a look at the back of MCN paper. There will be chroming places in there for forks specifically. Lots of breakers too! £1-70 and you’ve a decent enough directory for bike bits.

Why get them rechromed when you can get new for the same price?