New Gatso signs M4 Westbound from the elevated section

Just noticed these yesterday. They are on the opening section where it changes from 2 to 3 lanes and there is the national speed limit sign. I couldn’t see any cameras yet but these may be coming. Shame as this was a nice stretch once you’ve left the elevated section.

I suspect these are to warn people about the enforcement for the forthcoming Olympic lane to Heathrow for the fat cats.

Ah ha I’ll keep an eye out this weekend nice one

I hope they’re not up yet because I was running late for work this morning and if they are I’m Friar Tucked!

I thought the same going out there last night and saw you going north over Chelsea bridge this morning Stuart

I don’t think there are any cameras there yet just the signs. Like on the M1 there were a load of signs before the cameras appeared. They may be arriving soon though. It’s a shame as that was the first opportunity to open up to 71 when you head out of London West bound.

Ah! Were you on the Mille then?

Sure was