New from South London


I’m new here, stopped riding full time about 6 years ago (time does fly) but picked up a new bike last week, and looking to meet up with some fellow bikers and meet some new people.

I ride a Ducati 696, totally stock but I will be fitting a tail tidy and possibly rear sets (never take a pillion). Used to ride a GSXR 600 then 750.

Anyway, hello and I’ll be on the April 21st ride. Just gotta find Ace’s cafe :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome.

Is easy to find Ace, a bit of google and you are sorted.

Nice wheels I would choose 796 but still not bad looking bike, looking forward for reliability reports as I’m thinking about Ducati myself.


Hi and welcome to LB. I am in Carshalton… Where are you? I got a fazer at the moment, but should be getting a 97 blade soon …???

Can ride to the ace together on any given Friday or first Monday of the month for NOOBIE NIGHT!!

Newbie… be nice !

Speaking of witch, next one is same day as Southend Shakedown Run. Are authorities going to amend the date or something?


Hi and welcome :smiley:

In Brixton currently, about to either move back to Herne Hill or move further south, looking for nice places. I’d be up for a ride. :slight_smile:

As for the 696, I would have got the 1100 but insurance is mental, and I found a mint 696 for a very good price.

welcome to LB