New from North West!

Evening London Bikers!

Thought I’d drop a note in here to say “Hi” from Kensal.

I’ve rode for a few years and recently got a larger bike, combined with a change of a job with more sociable hours!
Have been a lurker on here for a while but I’m looking to get a little more involved in the community. Hoping to join a few ride outs, get to know some fellow riders and learn some different routes!
Riding a Honda CB. Really enjoying the engine and drivability of the 4 cylinder! Not the most characterful, granted, but perfect for a relaxed rider like me.

Thanks for having me!



Welcome to LB! Don’t be afraid to join in the banter

Thank you lads!

I’m just skipping through the bike meets, is the Bike Shed meet still a think on a Wednesday?

Every good weather day before winter is a gift, I’m toying with heading down after work tonight.

The Bike Shed meetups aren’t regular anymore, which is a shame. Mostly due to people’s lives changing over the years and not enough newbies coming along to make up the numbers.
I can’t make it tonight, though in the future I could be tempted to venture up :slight_smile:

I was trying to organise something but no one responded to me!

I could be convinced for next week if people are up for it?

Ah, that sucks. I get it though.

I’d definitely be interested in attending something at the Shed. I’ve been a few times now since getting the new bike, actually seems like a really nice place.

If we get another window in the weather I’ll throw a post up!

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Sorry man, I was too late on your post and I missed a ride-out today :(.

Now I’m a signed up member, I’ll be on it for next time!

No worries, was not on here was offline so more a poke @nivag than anything.

Will keep you posted on if it is likely to happen any time soon,