New fresh-faced, bright-eyed L-Plater from Elad's rideout

Hi all.

Was on Elad’s Box Hill rideout last Sunday, and sort of fell into the forums while doing it! I’ve already posted a couple times, but figured I’d introduce myself on here anyways.

So, yeah. I ride an import Suzuki EN125 - they’re like the GNs and GSes, but slightly sportier with a prettier can and clocks unit - on L-Plates (oh yeah. Rock’n’roll!) and I’m from Cheam, fifteen minutes-odd south of the river.

Hope to see you all around!


Hello and welcome to LB:D

ello mate. welcome

Cheam? Very near me then.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi John,
Nice to meet you.

Get some mirrors mate!!!

I didn’t need mirrors - every time you got close I could hear your brakes scream!

Nothing wrong with those EN125’s, good bike to learn with, cheapish to buy and cheap to run, those brakes do squeal, must be the speed.

Welcome to London bikers.

welcome to the site…:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB


Guiliano - in a spiritual as well as a geographical sense, I like to think!

Garrett - mirrors are for people who live in the past. David Dickinson has mirrors on his skateboard.

Everybody else - thanks alot!


See you out and about :wink:

It could be said that mirrors are for people who don’t want to live :0
Sure, be risky, take chances etc, but it will be hard getting into the habit of correct OSM (PSL) procedure for when you take your full test.

Your neck must turn more than mine.

garret (28/04/2008)

Eh? I’ll never feel safe in my bathroom again!

You’ve got a point; one of the problems with having been an L-plater so long is having to unlearn all the iffy habits I’ve developed. There’s an article in this month’s Rider’s Digest by a bloke who ran into a panel truck while doing a shoulder check! I reckon I get a much more accurate picture of the road by turning round than you do in your mirrors, though.

Hi :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard John, good to meet you on Sunday and thanks again for all your help, we’d have still been there now without you and Mike!! :w00t:

Look forward to seeing you at BM and on some ride outs.

Welcome to LB! :slight_smile: