New Forum!

Most of us go on rides outside of London. Many of us go on trips, journeys and even in some cases, adventures, though there’s still others who have yet to experience any of the fun to be had on these rides. If you share your positive experiences here on where to go and how to go, then you’ll help others have more fun, and an easier time getting out of the big smog. You might even inspire others who have done no traveling to book a few days off work and get out there.

Really useful topics could include things about:

  • Accommodation
  • Routes
  • Travel Tips/Guides

For instance; been to a trackday in Croix en Ternois, France? Then let people know how to get the cheap ferry ride, what roads to take getting there, what to take with them, where to stay and when to go. Inspire someone to broaden their biking horizons and experience the world!

Very cool idea Jay, thanks very much for this new forum!:slight_smile: