New forum - Stolen Bikes!

Due to demand and need, we’ve created a new forum for tracking stolen bikes:

Nice one, Jay!

I’ve been working on a stolen bike DB using the google maps API for the last couple of evenings (been meaning to for months). It’s coming along nicely and hopefully will have something to show pretty soon :slight_smile:

Well done Jay I’m glad this has come on line. There have been so many thefts recently if nothing else it will highlight the scale of the problem.

Driesie if you are putting together a map showing markers with the location of thefts I think this is a great idea. You could elaborate by also showing ‘suspicious activity’ pins- i.e. dodgy lock-ups etc. I’m sure there will be patterns and hotspots- maybe enough for further investigations.

Thanks all, yes, it’s a very important issue and one we’re taking very seriously right now. Now more than ever…

Drisie, I’m working on the Stolen Vehicle Database, why don’t we see if we can collaborate to reduce duplication?

nice 1 jay.

Thanks for that Jay! :slight_smile:


It took a while but at least it’s here.

Here are my requests for this section. Oldest first.

It’s depressing there’s a need for it :angry:

why did it take so long, was your bike the nail in the coffin so to speak? :slight_smile: Its a good thing to have though, makes people feel less powerless if their bike is stolen i guess…

good stuff

It’s a good start, Jay; thanks for doing that.I like this idea - the Stolen Motorcycle Registry in the US. We should definitely have one of those, fully searchable and with descriptions included, but also including the circumstances of the theft so lessons can be learnt (and particularly weak security chains etc highlighted, named and shamed!).Anyone know what became of the 2008 MCIA Bike Parking Campaign? That seems an excellent initiative for us all to put our weight behind. Seems reasonable for local authorities and employers to provide secure parking. It’s really not that much to ask, and no-one can really oppose it. And it will mean an end to our bikes getting stolen.

As a suggestion how about also being able to log number plates of dodgy looking people i.e. people seen loitering scouting etc. as well. If say 3 people also log the number then it can be displayed / notified to people. Although no doubt some plates are illegit if they are continually used it could be useful info to people.

Is it possible to get from the Met via a Freedom of Information or insurance companies, or other route details of past thefts? This could then be used to build the database up. Perhaps you could even ask the Insurance Trade bodies if they are willing to contribute to costs as its in their interest.