New Forum Issue List

I thought it’d be a good idea to share what we’re aware of and are working on with the new forums…
Avatars lost, and cannot upload new onesCannot insert images into posts, have to attach filesToo many notification emails were being sent to membersForum homepage right-hand column uses up a lot of room. Is it required?Font size is too large and inconsistentForums do not work well on mobile devicesNested forum quotes show incorrectlyCannot update email addresses via profileSimilar Topics shows very old posts (disabled for now)Post text-box inserts things at the top of the post, not where the cursor isLeft-hand column in topic pages is too wideNew event dates appear in FrenchTweeting posts moves users away from LBNew PM button is only present at the bottom of the PM index, not the top as wellSpinning circles on some forum index for some users. Intermittent.Some pagination controls show completely incorrect page numbers/linksRecent/Popular Topics pages do not show which forum the post is inWhen posting, you’re taken to the first post in the thread, not to the lastThere’s no log-out button on the forums, just the homepageSimilar posts would show broken HTML in the listingsSearch results show posts as well as topics

I can’t load the pictures and videos section on its own, just hangs if I click the link for that section.

I was able to post in it, and if a thread appears on the recent posts list I can see the thread and click into it, but just going to the video section itself doesn’t seem to work.

sorry jay but the old site was alot better, not liking thsi one at all.

Sorry Ratty, but I have to disagree with you!

Jay, I really like the new look website, and once all the teething problems are sorted out, it will be fab. :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to reply to posts using an iPad!

Thanks Rusty. That’s covered in one of the points above.

i seem to have a problem with the word association part ,it does not open up properly goe straight to post replie.

We’ve been doing some updates tonight, trying to work through some things, so it could be a temporary problem as the site keeps getting restarted.

Hey all, we’ve now fixed avatar uploads. You can now go to your profile and upload a profile picture there. They should be no larger than 150 x 150 pixels, but anything larger will be resized down automatically, at the expense of image quality.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to assign your old avatar back as the new forums have consolidated the profile photo and the avatar. Yeah… I know…

You should also have no problem inserting images into posts using the little picture icon in the text-box. Though for some reason this doesn’t work for new topics for me in Chrome. I’m investigating this. Let me know if you have problems.

Oh and we’ve disabled the popup member cards which seemed a little annoying.

I still can’t load the pictures and videos section on my main PC, though Cheeky can load it from her laptop, I just checked on my laptop and I can’t load it from there either, must be a username issue.

So one random sub-forum won’t load for me. How odd is that.

I’ll look into it. Sorry about that fella.

Kaos, does anything come up on screen when you click into the pictures forum? I can’t see anything wrong with your account.

avatars and upload works! good work !

It loads as normal, so you have the structure of the forum, but where the thread list usually is, I get a blue circle that spins, I guess that is the loading circle, but it never changes from that, I have left the tab open and running for a considerable amount of time.

I am using Chrome (works on all other sub-forums) and when a page is loading it usually has a spinning circle on the tab, but there is no spinning circle on the tab for the forum so as far as Chrome thinks the page has loaded.

This blue circle also appears in all the information boxes on the right hand side, search this forum, latest forum posts, top forum posters etc etc.

As I say the structure is there, I have still have the New Topic, New Poll, Quick Post buttons and they work fine I can post in the forum, just can’t load the forum.

Doesn’t work on the laptop either though.

Let me test with another browser on my laptop…ok could log onto that part of the forum as a guest in mozilla, will try and log in and check, ok works on mozilla.

Must be something with the browser, I will try and delete cookies, but clearly an issue on my end.

That is just weird if I log out, I can access the page no problem, but if I log in and go back, get a spinning blue circle.

Wooo hoo, avatars work.

Just testing a picture now.

Well done Jay:)



Another annoying issue to add to list


If you wish to send a new pm

When you load the message page you are brought to the top of page …

Whilst the new message button is at the bottom …fine if you have no messages saved or inbox but swear the old site ( the better one ) the facility was there right at the top making use a lot more easier

Is it in the pipeline to add back in the feature of “x number of people viewing the thread at present” in brackets? How else are we expected to know if sh*t is going down? :ermm:

so far i’ve managed to cope with the changes,apart form the word association game. is every one having problems with it or just me. when you click on last post, it takes you to page one,click for last page, but you dont see what the last post is.