NEW FLASH! Sneaky defends BCR homeground!

sneaky say’s no!!!




I hope those bikes were chucked into the road :stuck_out_tongue:

should have seen him go! check his ‘dont mess with me stance!’ he may creak but teh old boy can move when he wanst to!:smiley: like yoda:w00t::smiley:

Did you pop into the dolls house exhibition on the way back ?


Rolling and on the floor with those guys made a right mess of my leathers!:angry: I was glad when the 4th one turned up, that evened things up a tad!:smiley:

Note how they are all ignoring this question - think that means that they did go really but aren’t saying:D


Is that your bike leaning against the lamp post? :cool: :smiley:

Some things are worth fighting for. That Bike , sacred BCR Homeland, Pats fruit cake! When General Ratty called for a volunteer, BCR and country was my first thought Sir!:cool:


:D:D:D:D pmsl! atten…tion! good work soldier, you fought well today:D

next week i wanna see you arrive on That Bike lance at teh ready, will shall joust with teh invaders…summit tells me they wont be back tho:cool:

You may well be pysl? Oh…and thank you for helping remove that bicycle pump.:blink: It still hurts when I sit down now!:blush:

What’s with the globe stuck in the tree? (just noticed)

its a healium balloon we have to attach to ratty’s sv to stop him falling over;)

I knows that roundabout(unless I’m greatly mistaken) City Limits by hainult?

If it is then stand your ground and defend it at all costs:D

Blimey Sneaky wasn’t that your lifelong ambition - to get pumped up the wrong’un at the City Limits roundyroundyroundabout ? :w00t:

:smiley: thats why i get my knee down so much…im pushing my self back up:D:P

hahhaa i didnt see that 5th one…or the 6th one…there was too many of em sneaks, big fellas n all!:w00t::wink:

Great photo Ratty, pure quality! :smiley:

Surely we should have a caption comp for this one :w00t: