New fella

Just joined the site, me mate terry-moto put me on to the site and very kindly put my Trizuki up for sale on it.

I also own a 1958 Norton featherbed frame with a GSXR750m motor, its completely dressed as a english cafe racer with the heart of a oil burning Gixer motor.

Stripped Busa which will have terry`s old K1 seat unit fitted { Mr Suzuki should have built that way it looks perfect}, flat bars in TES thug yokes, GSXRK1 speedo and Alien fairing from road racing italia.


Trizuki shrunk 2.JPG

Mate welcome…

you got some loverly bikes there…

Beautiful! I bet they sound a treat. Please, do keep the images coming

all we need now is the rest of the spart clan to join up
safety in numbers and all that!

What I want to know is, what’s an Onca?

POKE, slap, prod, dig, with the newbie stick.

welcome to L,B matey…nice looking bikes !

An Onca is tribal meeting held and attended by many Oncas,

<Oncai when more than one Oncas congragate in one area>

Hope this helps

An Onca is tribal meeting held and attended by many Oncas,

you mean woncas!

NO NO NO NO a Woncas is when a Spart comes of age and becomes servant to the Oncas performing all manner of required duties


So is that the Oncas behind you in your avator

shut up and fix that bracket

Oncas’s little Bitch

Hows the bike going, mite take u up on the offer of your workshop m8, keeps raining

no worries terry

but you need to bring a kettle

The water boiler’s gona give you run for your money down the Pod

Rex Judds (west hampstead) having a dyno day in a few weeks time, an opening day thing. Says to bring a couple m8’s down, give us some free runs if your up for it

if im up for it?

as long as i can put the 4x4 on the dyno the bikes of the road

for at least 2 months mate

We know exacatly what happened the last time anything of Sparts went anywhere near a Dyno

First time the bike smoked more than its owner and the 2nd time on a dyno #2 piston make the GREAT ESCAPE outta the back of the engine cases

Anyway U pair of BIATCHS this is Oncas thread so get back on topic you TARTS

OK Just remember when using a spanner its “LEFTY LOOSEY and RIGHTY GOES TIGHTY”

Whale Oil, Beef Hooked

Oi and hark at the Ex smoker

Ok back on subject, sorry Oncas

When we gona get some pic’s of the Busa