New Feature! - Story & Article Slideshows

We’ve been working on improving the way content is presented on the site, and part of that is a new feature we’ve just finished that allows us to add a load of high-resolution images to stories & articles in a slideshow format.

We find all the coolest news in the biking world first, as you should all know, because you all read it, right? With that news we often get lots of big and cool pictures, but before we haven’t been able to show them with the stories, but now we can.

Have a look at the ‘additional images’ on these stories and articles we’ve published recently. If you like any of the images in the slideshow, you can hit the ‘view full-size’ link to view it at it’s full size (duh). We’ll be adding slideshows for all stories and articles where possible.

Endurance: Suzuki Castrol On Assen Endurance Pole

Ennio Capasa’s “Black Dogo” Monster is Born

Introducing The New BMW F800 S/ST

Ducati Sportclassic GT 1000

WSB: Foggy Petronas Riders Aim To Validate Test Results In Spain

Nice 1! Jay & co, your efforts are really appreciated.


I second that

Excellent! The stories are much more interesting with glossy pics.!!

But I find two probs:

  1. Simpleviewer shows the first image in the collection offset, overlapping the thumbnails. Second and subsequent images are fine.
  2. The thumbnails are not actually small versions of the large pic, merely a small section (as often pointless as a result) of it.

Top work tho, and I’ll happily live with these problem-ettes

They’re teething troubles. Flash isn’t a technology I’m that familiar with anymore (used it years ago) so will have to get back up to speed to address these points. We’re doing some pretty complex customisation stuff behind the scenes to get this working with our content system (all the images are dynamically created) so these troubles are a byproduct of that.

The overlapping thing doesn’t happen in Internet Explorer from what I’ve seen.

It’s true, it works fine in IE6.

Oh well.

Good shit…

if(jay==cool){System.out.println(“Good shit…”);}

Top stuff! High-res pics are good

and if ur really cheezy(like me)…you can use one of the pics as a desktop wallpaper…hehe…

fantastic feature guys…thanks for the gift!!!


Thanks guys…

Looking good, nice improvement, keep up the sterling work chaps and chapesses.

Good work, cheers for the effort.