New Exhaust Hanger

Seems to work ok, i was looking at Jays and had a thought ( which hurt )


Stealth 6.1.06 001.jpg

Stealth 6.1.06 002.jpg

Looks good Pete - where did you get it? I’m still looking for one for my micron, can’t get one to fit!

looks nice on the bike

He made it himself. Look excellent in the flesh. Pete can you make it any more stealth?

like it looks sim to the new 750 system where the end can has been kept low next to the swingarm

Good to see you last night Snap, yes i made it myself not that hard really. But this is the prototype will be making another soon. P.S. if you think it looks bad please say !!

Looks wicked Pete - better than any of the standard/aftermarket ones for that bike.

Can you make one for me? I can’t get an aftermarket one to fit, doesn’t have to look sexy or anything as it’s for my hack. I can’t get one small enough aftermarket, and it’s too expensive to buy from Micron.

Yes mate let me have a look make some measurments, and job done.

I think it looks good Pete, cleans the tail up nicely. I like a bit of home ingenuity

It make the back end so clean with out the hanger, i got the idea from yours Jay !!


Stealth 8.1.06 011.jpg

Your bike looks gorgeous mate!