New Era Superclub - Cadwell Park 15th/16th Sept '07

Cadwell Park - Superclub Championships!!

We arrived at cadwell park in lincolnshire unsure of what lay ahead on a warm thursday evening. I managed to drive the 4 hour journey with my foot badly swollen and imobile due to a bmx accident the previous week that resulted in me snapping the tendons on both sides of my foot. Much to my families, friends and doctors dissmay i was determined to race.
I was booked onto the afternoon test day to get a bit of practise having only completed 4 laps there on a race bike. After 2 sessions wearing a boot 2 sizes too big i felt comfortable with my pace and rested my very very painful leg for the coming weekend.
Saturday was scary. Second superclub and 27 hornets out in force being the largest field of the event. I went into qualifying hoping for a good result but unsure what my leg could deliver. Rolling back into the pits i was sure i had gone ok as i’d got out up front and gapped all that were behind me by at least a little. Results posted and i had snagged 3rd on the grid. Front row ahead of some illustrious hornet names such as series leader erol ahmet.
Race 1 - I belted off the line into the first corner with my nose ahead and held the lead for a short time until Paul Fryer, Erol and Sean Hardwicke came past me. Hanging onto them until the last lap when i was hit by Tom Bell on park straight and only just managed to stay on the bike. Even to hardened racer Ashley Joice the move made on me was very naughty. I lost 4 places and finished 6th and very pissed off to put it mildly.
Race 2 - This time determined not to be passed i belted into the hole shot again and led the way for some time. Sean slippped by fighting for his championships followed by erol shortly after. It is safe to say erol was a bit ragged trying to catch sean and i settled for 3rd ahead of a struggling Paul.
Race 3- Now with the belief i can mix it at the front i set out once again off the line as hard as i could and led for 6 laps this time. Hard charging with Sean at the front to pull away from Erol and the chasing pack. Some good lap times put me at a 1min 42.8 i think. Finished the race in second place and very happy. Sean had now won race 2 and 3 after crashing out of race 1 on the final lap. The championships was still up for grabs and i have a feeling my results were helping sean some what by holding my second place.
Race 4 - A bad start this time. 5th into the first turn. I drove hard out of charlies onto park straight and made one place back. Then charged up to second place behind sean in the following laps. We had a few passes at each other before sean took the flag for his 3rd great win and another second place for me. Apparently the commentators were very impressed by a total novice doing well in superclub.
Hopefully i can now get some sponsors as i won’t be able to continue without a little help. So on my second ever super club meeting i took away 6 trophies for best novice in 3 races, 1x 3rd place, 2 x second place overall. Chuffed to bits and not bad for a little ol student racing out of a 400 quid van on an old wrecker of a hornet :wink:
My ankle is not so chuffed and i’m back on the crutches for a while to let it heal. :hehe:
Roll on Mallory for the final round and more importantly my full on assault on superclub next season.:stuck_out_tongue:
More reports and info here -

Nice one :slight_smile: Just let that ankle heal a bit!