New Electric Superbike


Electric road converted ktm RC8 apparently they’ve made history, i think the video was massively up its own rear end considering the rolling frame and body was made by somebody else (KTM) and really they haven’t invented the electric motor (since that was invented in 1821) nor the gear box but the machine does look to be very well set up. wouldn’t mind a test ride i bet it probably handles pretty well, youd hope. i like engines me, brmmmmmmmmmm


Its just not the same with out a fuel burning engine really is it. You expect something to sound like its working. It would feel fake!


Posted two days before MCN BTW :wink:


Certainly looks the gear, not sure they’ll have a supply/depand issue @ 25k a pop


wheres the video?! :smiley:


Mmmm i’m not so sure. We have enough trouble at the moment with people getting knocked off because “i didn’t see you/hear you” can you imagine the percentage of accidents that will arise from motorbikes that make no noise at all:w00t: People stepping off the kurb, cars switching lanes, next they will be adding a “realistic” engine sound to the bike… i’m just not sure. What about when the bike gets dropped at very low speeds, is there going to be an issue with all the battery power and electrics, what about riding it in a tourential downpour. Then of course there’s the distance you can cover on a fully charged unit, how long before a full recharge and where would you get the power from? Electric vehicles are something that nearly every manufacturer are considering due to eco warriors but what are the power stations that supply the electric to run them doing about the global effects, surely they will be causing more damage.

Like i say i’m not so sure:ermm:


I’d go buy 4 second hand gsxrs for that money!


mustn’t have been available at the time.