New edition to the family

Aww cute :smiley:


She’ll be mental…so good luck with that! :smiley:

family friend had 2 of them, loyal lovely little things

Very cute

What a cute critter.:slight_smile:

Cute :slight_smile:

They are such lovely dogs. Completely hyper in my experience but absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and very cute indeed.:smiley:

Bless his cotton socks.

very cute

how sweet :smiley:

Very nice but i wouldn’t let the dog do that to it :w00t:

I had a new addition a little while back. Bonsia!
He was a 7 week, cocker spaniel (now 7 months)
He’s much larger now, but still too cute!

she is cute but god she loves to bite my ancles and hands and her teeth are soooo bloody sharp :smiley:

alltogether now, AWWWWWWWW!!!

she is defo cutie but so tiring. been up since 4 with her. she is only 8 weeks old.

For a lil dog she doesnt half poo loads lol.