New edition to my family....

Oh my god, I just had to share this with you all… Meet Troy! He’s the cutest thing, don’t you agree?

He’s three months old, half blue persian… I think I’m going to love him to death… lol…

Just wanted to say thanks to Jay for getting him for me… Purrrrr Purrrr





aaaaawwwww he’s a little cutie… mischevious lookin.

Awwww… so so so so cute I WANT ONE

He is!!! I already have scratches on my legs… Small price to pay for such happiness…

I got two!

Ahhhhh! He’s so nice!

Such a cute little face

He is absolutley ADORABLE…

AWWWEEE… Fanks guys… It’s REALLY hard trying to consentrate on my work… I’m going to get into trouble… He he he…

Aw Foxy, NICE. Couple of months and he will be big enough to make a nice pair of comfy slippers!!

Jay, I’ve got sacks, I’ve got bricks, I’ve got very wide hot plates with small bits of tasty fish right in the middle, I’ve got rope, I’ve got a gun…just call when you need me


yeah cute. I love cats.

not a pedigree but half bengal, rosie

and bonnie the bigger one, 100% tabbie, well built and well hard



Tut Tut Tut… Very funny though…

looks like a real cute character… what a lovely present… now my other half

needs some training in that department…

Congrtaulations on your new family member

Aww, how cute and fluffy!

Just make sure you put your helmets, gloves and boots open side down or you risk wearing more than you bargain for when you put them back on (see thread last week about mouse, but thinking of other less pleasant items cats can leave around…)

You have such a cute Pussy Foxy!!!

Ok, Ok… I’ve already got me coat!

Hey Foxy, nice pussy!!! glad you finally got yourself a luvvly kitten, they make great company.

New edition to my family… edition? or… addition?





Troy is indeed very, very cute

That’s a nice one. Get him started riding in the tankbag now!

Why thank you Floyd, very kind of you to say… I would tent to agree with you on that one… :slight_smile: