new drink drive tv ad,,30000-1276189,.html

I saw that last night, but is it going to work as all the other ones haven`t.

Well, its a novel approach, but the kinda fool who’d drink and drive is probably too stupid to follow that…

You drink and drive, I think we should all be allowed to have a swing at your knees with an aluminium baseball bat…nuts to this 3 points/6 months suspended sentence malarky…who does THAT deter?

Lawyers have utterly utterly destroyed justice in EVERY sense of the word, so I reserve the right to take aluminium baseball bats to their knees too.

I heard somewhere that police are going to have handsfree cameras on their helmets/caps soon which will mean OOODLES more “Unrefutable” evidence to convict scumbags with…hopefully bring about a reduction in cases that are naused up by smart arse lawyers and legals technicalities…

Works both ways too, protects people from police brutality … we’re all winners. Bring it on.