New discs been ordered!

Set of Gafler Wavey discs.

Just ordered these as I have warped my originals. (see attached) They look pretty trick and I have been told they are good quality.

Would like to say a big thank you to Da Artist and Reap(members) for there very very very welcomed assistance in ordering them thanks guys very much appreciated!



Veyr flash Look forward to seeing them mate!

Ta Pocket is a little lighter now as well lol!

MMMMM now there seems to be some kind of confusion as to what pads I can use. Some people that sell Gafler disc say that only use Gafler pads and others say you can use any pads you like! FFS which is and does it matter?

Reap said your welcome

I say I got a loverly bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row…

Anytime Da Artist

Very nice mate im pleased with mine !!

Cool mate. What pads are you using with them? I have been told that only Gafler pads work with em? Is that utter bollox?

nice disks? what they look like on the whole bike got any picts?


Unfortunately they arent on the bike as yet waiting for the discs to arrive. As soon as I fit them I will post up pics