New digital camera

I’m looking for a new digital camera and I’ve found Ricoh Caplio R3 by an accident. And it has everything (almost) what I was looking for. Has anyone any experience with that camera? The only thing that I don’t like is that you can’t use optical zoom while recording video (doh!). The specs are very promising!

Mate, don’t know about that one but just bought a Sony DSC 7 (review link below) which is fantastic.

Well mate, dunno much about that one (or most if truth be told).

See if you can find one in town, take your mem card and take some pics with the Ricoh and competitors. Go home, check’em on screen big size, and see which is best qual.

Otherwise buy the pretty yet still manly one.

Cheers Andrew, but the thing is that I can’t find it! Jessops is supposed to be selling them - out of stock everywhere in Central London. They don’t even have it in these electronical shops in Totenham Court Rd and they always have everything…

There is not even much on the web about it, I’ve found only 3 reviews.

IT’s cool for me that it has 7x optical zoom, wide angle lens and image stabilizer in a such a small body. None of the competitors have it all.