New Colours

It took WAY longer than expected (supplier issues), and many wondered what the hell was going on with the street-fighter look, but here’s the next step in its journey to shiny-dom; race-rep fairings, based on the Yoshimura Suzuki Japanes SBK team bike colours.

The observant amongst us will notice there’s a couple of bolts missing, and some velcro pads needed to hold the front down. These were mis-laid but are on their way :slight_smile:

We’re using it as a project bike for some up-coming articles, so there’ll be more mods soon!












i hope you dont take this personally as you like it, but to me that looks like a mess.

See what happens when you give Stevie Wonder a box of crayons:w00t:

That’s very striking!

It’ll take all the attention away from my ride now :frowning: :wink:

And Westie’s:D

I have to say that is one of the nicest looking i have seen in a very long time. Absolutely stunning and i bet it looks even better in the flesh.

Now get that bloody can replaced :w00t:

Cheers guys! A BNRS suspension setup is next on the cards, and then of course a change of exhaust!

nah prefer it in black, lots of logo’s, makes it look a bit busy? and im not a massive fan of red as a colour, who id the work tho? it does look like its been done well:)

The amount of logos etc is surely part of the race rep thing.

kinda yeah, but also logo placement & colour, its just not my bag, looks stealthy in black:)

now the relentless style all balck with white logos…mmm tasty!

not quite sure to be honest… too many colors :blink:

More understated than many of it’s rivals’ livery.

Looks like a parrot:D


i personally like it:) …can i have that £5 for being nice about it now??? really i do like it though:cool:

here you go!



nice that should cover lunch:P

i see it on sunday, sure does look better in the flesh, very nice Jay

I know it aint a quiz but is this a replica of Watanabe’s ride Jay?