new clutch plates needed?

so, before I go and buy parts that I don’t need…

if I’ve bled my clutch and it still only bits at the end of the lever travel, and if the plates slip if I give it too much throttle, it couldn’t be anything other than I need new clutch plates, right?

VFR750 with 35000 miles on.


ta, springs as well?

if it was me id replace all as a kit

I do know tight arses who only change the plates

Assuming the cable adjustment is correct. Put it on a hill, facing up the way :wink: and pull away in a low gear, if the clutch slips its time to get the spanners out.

What to replace will depend on the strip down and component inspection, friction plates and springs will probably be the minimum. There are a whole host of other components to inspect while you’re in there including bushes, bearings, lifters, spacers as well as the move obvious plates, springs, sprocket etc.

Town riding and genteel riding can polish up the frictions . My Aprilia used to slip sometimes after a few weeks lazy ass riding … giving it some serious back wheel locking and skipping aggressive downshifts would sort it .

Plates, springs, and don’t forget the clutch cover gasket.

what is this primitive technology you speak of? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got away with just replacing the springs with heavy duty ones.
(a quick and easy job, you don’t even need to dismantle the clutch)

That was on a cable operated clutch (RD350LC) and I got another
10K miles of slip free riding out of it, then it needed a new engine
but that’s another story.