New chain too long - possible to split?


I’ve just got a chain but it seems to be too long.

If there any chance I could split the chain and take of two links?

Any body tried this before.


you gotta be absolutely positive your rear axle is as far back as it can go

101% mate.

Its gone beyond the limit.

Yes just remove the extra links, they often come with a couple of extra links. line the new chain up with the wheel pushed forward = towards the engine. this will allow for some adjustment when the chain wears. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at the chain, and all the links seem to be solided i.e. rivited.

Would a chain splitter be able to remote these links?

yeah a decent splitter will do that. although i always grind the head off first (on an old chain though so i dont care about missing and gouging a link etc)

im sure if you take it to a friendly bike shop (or LBer) they’ll do it for beer money (or nothing)

I take it you are changing the sprokets as well (sprockets & chains need to be changed as a set) :slight_smile:

Yep got new sprokets.

If I use a splitter would I need to use a angle grinder?

Or does the tool do the entire job?


A chain splitter will do it, but you can bend the pins quite easily if you don’t grind the head off - while the grinder’s plugged in, you may as well just do it all with the sparky whizz-machine anyway :slight_smile:
Any work you can do that involves noise, sparks and cutting stuff up is a good thing :slight_smile:

trying to do it with the 9" grinder because you can’t find the 4.5" one is always fun :hehe:

something like that I’d get a shop to do it

If you’re going to attack a new chain to take the head off a pin before using the riveter, make sure it’s 1:, held nicely in a Workmate/vice, and 2:, you are confident and know what you’re doing.

New chain + grinder = expensive mistake possible.

If in doubt, take it to a bike shop.