new can

well as some of you know, when i originally got my scorpion can it was huge!, so ive now got my sexy new gp can on it, looks and sounds the business! wahoo!




sound clip…SOUND CLIP!..please :smiley:

hehe im trying to add one but its taking so long:D

thats fine i can wait…is it done yet? :crazy: :stuck_out_tongue:

Your bike is dirtier than the rumours I’ve been hearing about you mate, sort it out! :slight_smile:

Loud exhausts save lives, so nice one!

Hehe, i’ll get to hear it shortly, he’s coming round for dinner! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Phwoar :smiley:

Looks much better mate!

its soooo sexy, just want to get the bike clean now.:stuck_out_tongue:

Rim tape ? :angry:

The can looks awesome – I can only repeat the other requests on here: Sound clip??

Very sexy indeed, she looks so much better without the rocket launcher :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to hear it :smiley:

But same as others have said, wash your bike you filthy biacth lol :stuck_out_tongue:

ok ok, i will wash tommorrow if it stays dry and i will try adding the sound clip later again!:smiley:

looks nice westie…pair of them would bad -ass on my Thou!

bets its loud!:smiley:

ha ha, they would be wasted on the sv.:wink:

sounds hot, meeeiow! x

wasted!! wash ya bloody mouth out young westie!!!

two of them puppys on the thou will drown out your IL4 son…:smiley: and you know it!!:w00t::wink:

well stop ya bleating you old tart and sort yours out! jelousy my darling, Green really isnt your colour;):stuck_out_tongue:

jealous!? hell no! mine is STILL louder than yours…not too mention faster:P:P

anyway wait till i see you next westie poos!:w00t::smiley:

yeah but the Sv`s have had their day really.:stuck_out_tongue:

not quite…we will see in summer aye westie! why did ya get rid of the TL? couldnt handle it?:D:P